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ita™ AAD Edf Converter
Analysis Software ita™

The acronym ita™ stands for Ipsative Trend Assessment. The ita™ software application has been developed based on the longtime research of the world known Neurologist, Psychatrist and Neurophysiologist Prof. Dr. med. Gerald Ulrich; Charitée Berlin. The ita™ software is the technical implementation of the concept Quantitative Electroencephalographic Ipsative Difference Trend Assessment and discloses complete new diagnostical perspectives to the conventional Electro-Encephalo-Gram EEG. It could be confirmed for several different psychiatric and also neurologic indications that the spontaneous resting EEG under compliance of certain methodical requirements can be used as an objective distribution indicator for all processual cerebral dysfunctions.

The ita™ software was further improved hand in hand with the clinical evaluation at Charitée and provides now in its actual version the automatic parameter quantification from successively recorded EEGs from the same person which is required for the trend assessment.

The ita™ software processes EEG data which are provided from standard EEG devices in form of a data file in the known European-Data-Format EDF. The raw data which are required for the parameter calculation are analysed through optimised frequency analysis algorithms and infinite response filters for lossless artefact suppression (noise, Pulse-Impedance-Artefact, etc.). Within a few seconds you get a report with comprehensive and significant information about the trend assessment.

The additional diagnostic information provided by the ita™ software turns the EEG into a modern diagnostic tool which goes far beyond the exclusion of gross-neurological impairment. In some cases it is an additional assessment to the laborious imaging techniques in the neuro-radiology but in other cases ita™ is simply predominant.

More details about "Ipsative Trend Assessment" and "Quantitative Electroencephalographic Ipsative Difference Trend Assessment" as well as more medical oriented information from its spiritual father you can find at the separate homepage of Prof. Dr. med. Gerald Ulrich.
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